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Buckeye Eco® Proportioning Program

Why Use Proportioning/Dilution Control Systems?

A major component of an effective cleaning and maintenance program is the use of dilution control systems. Buckeye proportioning/dilution control systems offer push-button and automatic fill proportioning for ease of use, making it virtually automatic to properly dilute products. Diluting concentrated products through proportioning/dilution control systems is quick, easy, accurate, and will save you money.

Push and Lock Buttons/Automatic Fill Levers

Press the button to lock in place for hands-free operation to fill mop buckets, auto-scrubbers, and extractors. Automatic fill levers allow for quick and easy spray bottle filling.

Why Choose the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program?

The answer is simple – the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program provides overall value and convenience. The Buckeye Eco proportioning system, packaging, and chemistry are economical, ecologically friendly, reliable, simple to use, and designed for your facility to achieve maximum return on your investment. And you can customize your Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program according to your facility’s needs. Consider space availability, how many products you will dilute, cost, and whether or not your products need additional security when choosing what will go into your program.

An Eco Proportioning System mounted on a wall

Benefits of Buckeye Eco Proportioning Systems


Install compact Buckeye Eco proportioning systems in virtually any custodial closet and maximize storage space.

Green Cleaning

Buckeye Eco products are designed for maximum effectiveness while being ecologically safer. Several Buckeye Eco products are Green SealTM certified.

Flexible Packaging

Eliminate product waste with Buckeye Eco’s flexible packaging, delivering a 99.9% product evacuation rate.

Super Concentrated Products

Buckeye Eco super concentrated products reduce labor time and offer superior end-use cost.

Proprietary Technology

Manufactured with proprietary technology, the Buckeye Eco proportioning system’s innovative design and Buckeye Eco super concentrated products produce maximum efficiency.

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"Buckeye helped us transition to team cleaning by providing a program using exceptional products. The Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program is simple and efficient, and with Buckeye’s environmentally friendly and sustainable products, offer us 25% savings!"

Michael Allen, Public Works Building Maintenance Manager, City of Fairfield, Fairfield, CA

A picture of various Buckeye Eco products

Available Eco Proportioning Systems

The front of the Eco Pro

Buckeye Eco ProTM

Dilute for up to 6 applications

The Buckeye Eco Pro is designed for broad spectrum cleaning environments with push and lock buttons, and hidden lock and integrated key options.

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The front of the Eco Element

Buckeye Eco Element®

Dilute for up to 3 applications

Buckeye Eco Element's ultra compact system is designed for remote, satellite, and focused locations with push and lock buttons, and hidden lock and integrated key options.

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Push and Lock Buttons

Push on, push off Buckeye Eco unit buttons – no twisting or turning dials. Press the button to lock in place for hands-free operation and fill mop buckets, auto-scrubbers, and extractors.

User Designated Lock

Hidden lock or keyed Buckeye Eco unit – you decide for added security and tracking product usage.

A demonstration of the locking mechanism on the Eco System
A close-up of the front panel on the Eco System
A photo of the Eco system opened, ready for the product to be inserted
A photo of the Eco system opened with the product readily installed inside